holy moly I still regret having tried to use casync (https://github.com/systemd/casync). The chunk storage "castr" is so large that most operations of either casync or desync are slow/unresponsive. It's practically infeasible for a human to babysit the steps needed to get all the backups exported so I can migrate those indexes to something else more accessible.

vbatts shared 7 months ago

omg2pls let this work

Now that it's been a few days, I'll try posting to this instance again. Have followed a couple folks, and gained a couple of followers. Maybe that's what's needed?

Testing again. Maybe it needed a good night's rest.

Things still do not seem connected to other instances... I've followed my other profiles, and can search myself from them, but posts don't show up. Even with hashtag indexes.

:goose_honk: 😻

(testing and hoping to see it federate ..)

testing out https://microblog.pub (@dev@microblog.pub) :goose_honk:

using their container instructions, but adjusted it to run as read-only, and then mounting a tmpfs to /tmp

--- a/docker-compose.yml                                                                                                      
+++ b/docker-compose.yml                                                                                                      
@@ -2,12 +2,17 @@ version: "3"                                                                                                

-    image: microblogpub/microblogpub:latest                                                                                  
-    container_name: microblogpub                                                                                             
+    build:                                                                                                                   
+      context: .                                                                                                             
+    #image: microblogpub/microblogpub:latest                                                                                 
+    #container_name: microblogpub                                                                                            
+    read_only: true                                                                                                          
     user: 1000:1000
     restart: always
+    tmpfs:                                                                                                                   
+      -  /tmp                                                                                                                
       - ./data:/app/data
       - ./app/static:/app/app/static
-      - "8000:8000"                                                                                                          
+      - "8000:8000/tcp"